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VIDEO: The Mysterious Leak – Example of How We Fix Homes and Save You Money

Preventing Major Water Damage – Steps our Experts Take to Repair your Home. 

After a few major rainstorms, we received a call on a peculiar leak the homeowner could not find. We had done work for this customer a few years prior and our team was concerned we were to blame. You will never guess what we found after a quick investigation!

The homeowner had torn up the front of their home, caulking what they could, using bricks to hold down the trim. Nothing seemed to stop the leaks and the rainstorms were never frequent or bad enough to cause great concern… until a few weeks ago. That’s when our team was finally called in.

Shortly after arriving, we narrowed the source of the leak to a roof hood above the front door. Having replaced the roof 2 years prior, nothing seemed out of place. So, our team began looking under the siding. Not the first place you would ever think to look, but we were determined to find this elusive leak.

As we carefully removed each piece of siding, the cause of the mysterious leak quickly became apparent: The home was never wrapped 35 years ago! We could not believe the home had gone this long without a crucial layer of protection. Built in the 1980s, outdated building codes were to blame!

Directly in the path of water run-off, each side of the roof hood had two gaping, unprotected holes. Our team taped up each side, returning the vinyl siding to its original place. Some repairs never seem necessary until it too late and the damage is done.

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