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Skylight Installation in Bloomington-Normal, IL

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Add a New Skylight to Your Home

Are you trying to find ways to add natural light to your home? A skylight is an ideal addition, as it can truly open up a room and add lighting from new angles. We have a range of skylight options that can be tailored to fit your home’s style and your desired aesthetic. Contact Nordine Remodeling today for more information about our skylight installations in Bloomington, Normal, and the surrounding areas in Illinois. We are a major, reputable skylight installer in the region and one of the go-to sources for this service.

We have provided home remodeling services since 2003 and started out originally as a siding business decades before. On our team collectively we have over 100 years of experience, so you can trust that we know how to handle sensitive projects like skylight installations. We primarily install quality skylights from VeluxⓇ and are a designated Skylight Specialist for the brand, which means we have achieved their highest level of certification for an independent installer.

Why Get a Skylight

If you have a room with a sloped ceiling or perhaps an attic that has recently been converted into a living space, a skylight can bring brightness to an otherwise dark corner of your home. Even if a room already has windows in other spaces, a skylight introduces natural light from above, introducing a true indoor source of sunlight.

A skylight will reduce your reliance on lamps and overhead lighting during the day, reducing your energy usage and costs. It will also provide you with a source of ventilation if needed, as long as you choose a skylight that opens. This can introduce much-needed fresh air into spaces like attics that normally get stuffy.

Adding a skylight in a bathroom or other spaces where traditional windows may not make as much sense can truly open up a world of possibilities. The added ventilation will help you reduce mold, and you’ll still be able to enjoy an outdoor view while retaining your privacy. If you’re still interested in skylight installation in Bloomington-Normal, IL, contact Nordine Remodeling today.

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We Also Offer Skylight Repairs!

If you notice something off about your skylight – perhaps isn’t sealing properly, or it won’t open – we provide skylight repairs in Bloomington and Normal. Our experts will efficiently assess your skylight and provide the appropriate remedy to your specific problem. We will do our best to repair the skylight without replacing it entirely, but if that is the necessary course of action, we’re prepared to install a new skylight for you too.

Our goal is to get your skylight back in functional order, so your home is protected from leaks and high energy bills due to poor insulation. Contact us today to discuss your options and get a free estimate for a quality skylight installation or repair.