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Roof Inspection in Bloomington-Normal, IL

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Providing Roof Inspections & Estimates

Whether you know you’ve had storm damage or you just want to check on the condition of your roof, we offer a thorough 17-point roof inspection in Bloomington-Normal, IL. At Nordine Remodeling, our inspection takes into account every part of your roof, including the other parts of your home that impact your roof, like the ventilation and insulation in the attic. We also offer services to repair and improve the roofing components that are no longer functioning properly.

Annual roof inspections will help prevent a roofing emergency. You can’t see most roofing problems from street level, and it’s inadvisable to climb up on your roof without proper training. We are here to help you keep an eye on the health of your roof. Our professionals make the roofing inspection process easy and pain-free.

Our Process for Your Inspection and Estimate

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Covering All of the Bases

While your roof provides your home with unquestionable style, each element of its system also contributes to its ability to resist damage. That’s why, during a roof inspection, our experts will thoroughly check every part of your roofing system, including the:
This thorough inspection gives us a complete understanding of your roof’s current performance. When we go over our findings with you, we’ll use the data we’ve gathered to determine whether a roof repair project would be cost-effective or whether it might be better to invest in a roof replacement.

Frequently Asked Questions About Roof Inspection

What Does A 17-Point Roof Inspection Entail?

From your attic and chimney to the flashing and shingles, we look at it all. Each roof inspection in Bloomington-Normal covers 17 points of your roof, hence the name. This inspection will show us if the roof is in good, fair, or poor condition. Next, Nordine Remodeling will determine an affordable solution, providing an estimate for the cost to replace or just repair the roof.

Do I Need To Be There For An Inspection Or Estimate?

No! You may wish to be present, depending on your own comfort levels, but Nordine roofing professionals go out of their way to leave homes in good shape. We take every precaution to keep your home clean, from wearing boots to laying down plastic. For nearly 20 years, thousands of homeowners have trusted our team in their homes while away at work or on vacation. Every employee also goes through an extensive background check prior to training.

How Does Your Team Provide A New Roof Estimate?

Powerful measuring and satellite imaging tools provide extremely accurate new-roof estimates. On the rare occasions we can’t use these tools, we also train our estimators to measure the good old-fashioned way, by hand. Mockups are even available upon request.

What Type of Homes Do You Inspect and Estimate?

Any type of residential home is our specialty. This includes asphalt shingle roofs, low-slope roofs, rubber flat roofs, and metal roofs. Whether you’re in a cookie-cutter home built in the 70’s, a new construction house, or a 100-year-old Victorian, our team is here to help.

Where Do You Offer Roof Inspections and Roofing Estimates?

We offer roof inspections in Bloomington, Normal, and surrounding towns and cities. If you are unsure if you are in our service area, contact us to speak with a member of our team.