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Bathroom Remodeling in Bloomington-Normal, IL

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Transforming Your Bathroom

Your bathroom is the place where you start and end the day, as well as where you go to pamper yourself. So, why not invest in a bathroom remodel in Bloomington-Normal, IL, turning the place where you carry out large portions of your daily ritual into a rejuvenating retreat? Nordine Remodeling can help. We can update any dysfunctional or outdated bathroom, turning it into a stylish oasis where you can refresh yourself to face the day.

For a custom quote and mockup, please contact our interior remodeling team. The sales staff are designers first, working hand-in-hand with clients to build a custom bathroom. Whether you have a few small bathrooms or only the master bath needs love, Nordine Remodeling is here for you.

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Tailoring Your Bathroom to Meet Your Needs

When you request bathroom remodeling in Bloomington or Normal, we listen to every aspect of your request before proceeding with the design. Some of the things we prioritize when planning a major renovation to your bathroom include the following:


Some bathroom trends just don’t age well. If your space seems stuck in the past, we can breathe new life into things by upgrading vanities, plumbing fixtures, and other elements of your décor. We will help you define your style and propose plans that look updated and will stand the test of time.


When was the last time you used your tub? Do you have trouble storing all of your bathing accessories in the shower? We’ll make sure that your bathing fixtures and the general arrangement of your room is tailor-made for the way you use it. Needs change over time, and sometimes a major remodel is the only way to get the functionality you need.


Everyone, regardless of their level of mobility, should enjoy a safe bathing experience. We can install grab bars, a low-threshold shower, or a walk-in tub to ensure your bathroom meets your accessibility needs.

Budget & Time Constraints

We work with you to remain within your budget and suggest options that are a good fit for your price range. Plus, we’ll communicate expected timelines and do our best to keep to them, barring unforeseen circumstances.

No matter the bathroom remodel services you require, rest assured that we’ll assemble your space with exceptional craftsmanship and the utmost attention to detail. We want to make sure that your bathroom looks just as beautiful five years from now as it does the day after we finish your project.

Services Specialized for Bathroom Remodels

As part of our bathroom remodeling services, we can change essentially anything in your bathroom, no matter whether it’s a small half bath or a large master bath with a standing tub and sauna. Here are a few of the services we specialize in as part of our remodels.

Ditch the shower curtain and acrylic inserts. If you have not seen any of our shower remodels, you are in for a treat. We blend the line between premium products and affordable showers. Every shower we install or replace is the focal point of a room – a standing art piece.

From simple inserts and liners (surrounds) to whirlpool tubs with jets, we have designed and installed it all. Maybe you need a combo shower-bath but do not want it to look cheap. We have got you covered. The biggest benefit of working with Nordine Remodeling is the expertise we have built over the last 20 years.

A one-stop shop, we have it all. Fixtures are more than just bathroom lighting; they are all the bathroom essentials. Vanities, toilets, sinks, cabinets, mirrors, faucets, handles, racks, and lights are the accessories every modern bathroom needs. Work with our team to save time and money on your bathroom renovation in Bloomington-Normal, IL.

Tired of vinyl floors or ugly tiling in your bathroom? So is our team. We don’t just update your bath or it’s fixtures; We take the entire room composition into consideration. From the shower surround walls to the textured bathroom floor, our experts tie your entire bathroom together with tiling.

You should not have to leave your home just to be comfortable as you age. Since our inception, Nordine Remodeling has been the local aging-in-place expert. We will install ADA-compliant bathrooms for anyone who has become disabled or wheelchair-bound.

A Partner You Can Trust

When it comes to evaluating bathroom remodelers, don’t fall for the appeals of a fly-by-night contractor who offers to undercut the prices of the competition. In the long run, the shoddy craftsmanship will cause more headaches than it prevents. Instead, partner with an experienced remodeling team that possesses a proven track record. Nordine Remodeling fits the bill, thanks to our long tenure and glowing reputation in the community.

A bathroom remodel in Bloomington-Normal can vastly improve your quality of life, as well as increase your home value. Contact Nordine Remodeling today to schedule a complimentary consultation and learn more about what we can do in your home.